The Stoic Attitudes Scale

Welcome to the Stoic Attitudes and Behaviours Self-Rating Scale (SABSS). This is a preliminary test version of the scale. At this stage we're mainly interested in reaching a consensus on the philosophical content of the questionnaire items. Later we'll be redesigning the questions to be suitable for statistical validation as a psychometric scale for use in research studies. Please click "Start Survey" at the bottom of this page, when you're ready to begin.

Please leave comments if you felt any items (statements, questions) could have been worded better or that there's anything missing. We take your feedback seriously. This version has already been modified from the first draft based on the comments of several Stoics and non-Stoics who tested it.

This test version grew out of the work on Stoicism being carried out for the University of Exeter. (Although, it's not officially linked to the university.) See the website and video clip below for more information...